Masonry repair interior basement walls.

Replace basement windows.

Repair kitchen cabinet

Repair minor plumbing issue main floor bathroom.

Repairs to garage.

Remove lead based paint exterior front porch and garage.

Stain porch railings.

Wood burning stove and chimney liner.

Close chimney opening so critters can't get in

Landscaping to direct water away from foundation

Driveway repair

Fence - back yard

Clean and repair gutters

Replace exterior lights front and back

Repair exterior siding


Donations are Tax Deductible 

Masonry supplies

Wood burning stove (insert) and chimney liner


Exterior light fixtures

4 dressers

baking dishes



mop and bucket

storage containers

laundry baskets

laundry hampers


3 night stands

lawn mower

snow blower


donate plants, flowers, tree starters

towels, wash cloths, hand towels

queen sheets, blankets, comforters

kitchen towels

Hosanna House of Michigan P.O. Box 80802 Lansing MI 48908 517-316-2113 or 517-290-4442 

Household goods needed!

Daren and her son are the first recipients of our first home, provided through the grant we received from the Capital Region Community Foundation. Darean is a bright young mother determine to provide a good home for her son and this house has given her an opportunity to do just that.  Darean is very grateful and happy with her new home. In the next 2 years Darean will be given an opportunity to purchase this home to provide a permanent home for her and her son.

Darean's new home still needs some work!