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Through our IMPACT Afterschool Program, youth experience a safe, encouraging environment where each child can learn, play and grow in an atmosphere that will help them to flourish into healthy young adults. The IMPACT Program is goal oriented and educationally focused to teach at-risk youth life lessons they can use today through a series of books. This program is for youth still in school, ages 13 to 18. The IMPACT Program - Inspires, motivates, promotes, advises, challenges, and transforms youth and encourages them to stay in school and teaches them where to find resources they need today.





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IMPACT is what Hosanna House is all about. We are more than a shelter, much more. We provide the inspiration and guidance to succeed. Our staff is able to offer leadership to our young adults to strive to reach levels that they haven't  begun to realize or thought that they are capable of reaching.

At Hosanna House IMPACT is what we do in the lives of young people at a critical decision point in their lives. IMPACT represents what people do when they share their knowledge and life experience. Our goal is to motivate youth to produce amazing lives that they formerly did not think were possible. IMPACT represents hope instilled by the leadership of others. IMPACT is the theory that anything is possible if only it is not thought impossible.

Hosanna House provides leadership through its community, to motivate its residents to accept the challenges before them. The experiences of the dedicated volunteers in the Hosanna House extended family provide the drive, attitude and determination to initiate dreams and create successful citizens well into the future.