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Through our research we have determined that the individual needs of youth aging out of foster care must be comprehensive, to meet all their needs. Providing up to 4 years of comprehensive services for each youth individually will allow them time to learn and mature at their own pace.  Hosanna House of Michigan provides the stepping stones for each youth to achieve new levels of confidence that they didn't even know they had. Confidence that is necessary for them to build on and move forward with, in their transition into adulthood with better odds of success.

Hosanna House provides the leadership to ensure that its residents receives advice to get them on the right path for their future, and help them stay there. Our staff assists in finding answers to tough questions our residents face everyday, as well as offering suggestions that influence their futures. Ultimately, youth make their own decisions, good or bad. Hosanna House will make use of these situations to help youth learn from their mistakes.

Unlock their dreams, unlock their future

Hosanna House of Michigan

A Comprehensive Program for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care


Today's young adults find themselves having to make decisions virtually on a daily basis.  Without the right guidance in many cases, bad choices are made and unfortunate results occur.