Dawn Hardin

Board Member.

John Bailey - Operations Management, Leadership Development, Human Resources, Personal Life Coach and Pastor. Former Hosanna House of Michigan Board Member  - 2010 to 2012

Bob Diakow - Marketing Design, Brand Development and a Board Member with Hosanna House of Michigan - currently on hiatus.

Darshann Stevenson - Board Member - MYOI and landlord for MYOI youth, Board Member - Women's Opportunity House and Business owner/Entrepreneur.

Ed Castellani - Non-Profit CPA Attorney - Pro Bono

Community Advisors

Treasurer - Officer Position - Vacant

Jennifer Kang

Vice President


Karen Bacon 

President and


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It is not enough to make great achievements, to be successful we must put these accomplishments in a context that is meaningful and relevant. Only then can our performance be measured and our efforts be recognized both as a group and individually.


Karen is working toward her B.S. degree in Nonprofit Management at Southern New Hampshire University. Karen has worked as a Commercial Credit & Collections Manager and Accounts Receivable and Financial Analyst for over 30 years in California, Arizona and Michigan. Karen has gained valuable skills in management, accounting, financial analysis, staff management, process and procedure development and implementation, human resources, payroll and project management. Karen established Hosanna House of Michigan in 2004, shortly after moving to Michigan. It was not until 2008-09 that she started research on the needs of at risk youth in Michigan with Jennifer Kang. Karen developed the documents required to obtain our 501(c)3 status and governing documents. Karen has a strong passion for helping homeless youth and youth aging out of the foster care system.  Karen has worked hard over the last 5 years to develop and implement a program in the Lansing area to support the needs and growth of at risk youth in our community.  

Anjil has over 17 years of technical experience along with 15 years of advocacy experience. Anjil is also a volunteer on the ERASE (Easton Rapids Alliance for Substance Abuse Elimination) Board, where she has served for the past 3 years. ERASE is a group that is trying to eliminate substance abuse in the Eaton Rapids area by educating parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers of the affects of drugs and alcohol. Anjil and her daughter have presented at forums on Criminal Sexual Conduct throughout Michigan. Anjil has also given lectures on the affects of underage drinking. Anjil is a certified train the trainer and has many continuing education credits in various victim advocate areas. As this time Anjil is a computer operator during the day and attends LCC in the evenings. She is working on her BA in social work.

Anjil Tyler

Board Member

Board of Directors

Jennifer holds a BA degree in Management and a MBA degree in Accounting. Jennifer currently works as a Fund Accountant for the State of Michigan. Jennifer also has experience in operating her own business and brings expertise in administration and operation management. Her childhood dream of opening an orphanage and her driving passion for helping youth has led to co establishing Hosanna House of Michigan. Jennifer is a mother of three beautiful children and understands firsthand the importance of helping youth grow through guidance, love, inspiration, and mostly a place of belonging where youth can develop into healthy young adults. Jennifer understands as statistics have shown that most at risk youth will fail in our society without a safe home and continuous guidance. Jennifer has a strong desire to change these statistical outcomes for youth in our community.

Secretary - Officer Position - Vacant

 Dawn Hardin, a native of Buffalo, New York has been a resident of Lansing, Michigan for over three decades. After marrying her middle school sweetheart, the two went on to have three successful children and five beautiful grandchildren. Dawn has dedicated much of her adult life to the service of other whether in the capacity of advocate, financial advisor, facilitator, or mentor. as a motivational speaker, Mrs. Hardin has utilized her talents in varying mediums from the business sector to the educational field to the religious realm.  Dawn graduated Cum Laude from Central Michigan University and Magna Cum Laude from Walden University earning a B.S. in Education and a M.S. in Mathematics respectfully.  For the past five years, Mrs. Hardin's efforts and dedication has been highlighted in the news media - emphasizing her commitment to creating productive embers of society. As she considers this her life mission, Dawn has established a plethora of programs to meet the varying needs of her clientele. Her most noted program is Sister Circle with the Lansing School District, a program established to partner middle school at-risk females with both high school and college mentors.