Youth in our program are required to participate in life skills training through Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI) and other community partners.

Youth in our program must be focused, motivated and determined to learn the necessary skills to transition into their adulthood with better odds of success.

Youth in our program must seek and maintain gainful employment. Maintaining a job is critical to sustaining their futures, their homes, their needs and the things they want to buy.

Hosanna House of Michigan serves youth aging out of foster care in Ingham county between the ages of 18 to 24 through the Ingham County Department of Human Services (DHS) and Ingham County Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI).  Our program provides up to 4 years for each youth individually to learn the skills necessary to transition into adulthood with success.

We advocate change keeping mind that ambition must be supported to ensure that objectives and goals are met. Hosanna house believes that it is not enough to provide shelter to this population of youth. It is equally critical that this growing segment of our population is given the opportunity to become key innovators, creators and leaders and are fully prepared to face their future. Hosanna House's goal is to provide the opportunity, leadership and knowledge, to instill the belief that every youth in our program can change their futures even in the most adverse situations and regardless of their past.

Hosanna House of Michigan

Not A Hand Out, But A Hand Up


Often all that is needed to move people forward is motivation. That's what Hosanna House of Michigan provides. Creating the confidence is only part of the equation, we promote the idea of trust in the future to see beyond the day to day challenges.

Hosanna House of Michigan P.O. Box 80802 Lansing MI 48908 517-316-2113

Youth in our program are required to complete their high school diploma or GED, and seek higher education and or trade school. Education is the key to their success and will unlock many doors in their futures.

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